JetBlue debuts door-to-door luggage delivery service


US-based carrier JetBlue has launched a baggage delivery service that will allow flyers to bypass the carrousel and proceed directly home or to their resort holiday.

JetBlue unveiled details this week of its new Bags VIP concierge service, which will hand deliver checked bags to customers’ final destination within a 40-mile (64 km) radius of the airport.

Promotional pricing starts at $25 for delivery of one bag and $40 for up to 10 bags.

Flyers can place their order up to one hr before departure. At the airport, bags will be identified with a VIP tag and delivered by a representative within four hours of arrival.

The new door-to-door delivery service comes as industry insiders predict that airlines will begin charging for carry-on bags in an effort to discourage passengers from overpacking, reduce weight load and fuel costs, and find more revenue streams.

JetBlue follows the lead of American Airlines which launched a delivery service last year. For the truly jetset with no time to pack, services like Garde Robe in the US and Vault Couture in the UK will also store, pack and deliver people’s suitcases for them.

JetBlue’s VIP delivery program is the latest move from the low-cost airline to try and rebrand itself as a premium carrier for the business traveler.


Gucci 60 years loafer celebration

Gucci Presents: 1953 Horsebit Loafer
Kick up your feet and celebrate 60 years of all the right moves.


Diane von Furstenberg designs for Evian

Evian has teamed up with American fashion queen Diane von Furstenberg to produce a series of holiday edition glass bottles.

In line with the holiday spirit, the bottles feature Diane von Fürstenberg’s life motto, in her handwriting: “water is life is love…”. This 2012 Evian holiday edition, which uses natural ink, also features the designer’s iconic wrap dress.

Furstenberg is the first female artist to collaborate with Evian for a Christmas edition. Previous artists who worked with the brand on such an edition include Courrèges, Paul Smith, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix.


Evian 1925 Vintage Bottle

Evian, the famous French brand of mineral water, is going back to the source by reissuing special limited edition glass bottles featuring its label from 1925.

The reissue of the bottle features the vintage packaging, complete with the original French text and pink label. The label describes the benefits of the mineral water, which was used as a cure-all against illnesses like arthritis, malnutrition, and gout.

The bottle is the latest in a series of special edition packaging that has included collaborations with designers Paul Smith, Issey Miyake, and Jean Paul Gaultier.


A List Of 26 Richest Human Beings In History Mansa Musa I Ranks #1

Here’s the full list of the ‘26 richest people of all time’:

1. Mansa Musa I, (Ruler of Malian Empire, 1280-1331) $400 billion

2. Rothschild Family (banking dynasty, 1740- ) $350 billion

3. John D Rockefeller (industrialist, 1839-1937) $340 billion

4. Andrew Carnegie (industrialist, 1835-1919) $310 billion

5. Tsar Nicholas II of Russia (last Emperor of Russia, 1868-1918) $300 billion

6. Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII (last ruler of Hyderabad, 1886-1967) $236 billion

7. William the Conqueror (King of England, 1028-1087) $229.5 billion

8. Muammar Gaddafi (former Libyan leader, 1942-2011) $200 billion

9. Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company founder, 1863-1947) $199 billion

10. Cornelius Vanderbilt (industrialist, 1794-1877) $185 billion

11. Alan Rufus (Fighting companion of William the Conqueror, 1040-1093) $178.65 billion

12. Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft, 1955- ) $136 billion

13. William de Warenne, 1st Earl of Surrey (Norman nobleman, ??-1088) $146.13 billion

14. John Jacob Astor (businessman, 1864-1912) $121 billion

15. Richard Fitzalan, 10th Earl of Arundel (English nobleman, 1306-1376) £118.6 billion

16. John of Gaunt (son of Edward III, 1330-1399) £110 billion

17. Stephen Girard (shipping and banking mogul, 1750-1831) $105 billion

18. Alexander Turney Stewart (entrepreneur, 1803-1876) $90 billion

19. Henry, 1st Duke of Lancaster (English noble, 1310-1361) $85.1 billion

20. Friedrich Weyerhaeuser (timber mogul, 1834-1914) $80 billion

21. Jay Gould (railroad tycoon, 1836-1892) $71 billion

22. Carlos Slim (business magnate, 1940- ) $68 billion

23. Stephen Van Rensselaer (land owner, 1764- 1839) $68 billion

24. Marshall Field (Marshall Field & Company founder, 1834-1906) $66 billion

25. Sam Walton (Walmart founder, 1918-1992) $65billion

26. Warren Buffett (investor, 1930- ) $64billion


Singapore luxury residences offer sky-high parking

Singapore high-rise offers luxury residences with en suite elevated garages, offering homeowners the comfort of parking their cars right beside their living rooms.
Starting at $7.5-million USD for the basic floor plan, each residence has two ensuite parking spaces, according to the property developer.


Monica Cruz Shows Her True Self For Agent Provacateur


Muhammad Ali Next Louis Vuitton Icon

The 70-year-old Muhammad Ali will be the next Louis Vuitton icon.
Print ads featuring the boxing champion will launch June 14, in the latest installment of an ad campaign that has featured Mikhail Gorbachev, soccer great Pelé, musician Keith Richards and, most recently, actress Angelina Jolie, who was shown floating on a Cambodian boat with a Louis Vuitton “Alto” bag at her side.
The ad, which will run in magazines and newspapers in 60 countries, seems to capture Mr. Ali in private reverie. Photographed last month by Annie Leibovitz in his Phoenix backyard, Mr. Ali watches with pleasure as a young boy stands with fists gloved, feet splayed, chest puffed. Though not identified in the ad, the child is his grandson, Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr. A $1,525 Louis Vuitton “Keepall 50″ bag lies by Mr. Ali’s left foot.


Dubai Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Home to some of the most beautiful and progressive architecture in the entire world, Dubai will soon see the construction of a hotel with submerged, underwater rooms that offer unparalleled views of the Persian Gulf. Conceived by designers Deep Ocean Technology and dubbed the Water Discus Hotel, the building will be the first of several in the emirate and will feature an underwater section of 21 rooms, a dive center and bar up to 10 meters below the sea’s surface. A unique lighting system will illuminate the scene outside the submerged rooms’ windows while macro photography will also allows guests to zoom in on the surroundings for a better view. With the above-water portions of the hotel suspended high enough to avoid tsunamis and flooding, the underwater disc is engineered to surface in the event of a storm or other danger.

Source Hypebeast


Porsche to build Smaller Panamera –The Pajun

Porsche is looking to develop a smaller, Panamera-styled sedan named the “Pajun” in order to compete with Mercedes-Benz’s popular E-Class and CLS coupe.
The Pajun will be a smaller version of the current Panamera sedan with four doors and would likely cost between €65,000 and €100,000.
It’s set for an introduction before 2017 at the latest, although Porsche executives have denied any firm decisions have been taken on the introduction of a sixth model.
Porsche is dramatically widening its once-selective lineup by introducing more variants — earlier this year it confirmed plans to produce the Macan, a small SUV aimed squarely at the Mercedes-Benz GLK and the Range Rover Evoque.It’s expected to be launched next year, adding a fifth model to the lineup of the 911 sports car, the Boxster/Cayman series, the Panamera and the Cayenne SUV.

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